Single Berth Trolley

• Mobile

• Lightweight

• Combination Grooming Table & Security Cage

• Folds to less than 6" in width

• Sturdy tubular aluminum

​• Stylish and original

• Exciting colours — match to your personality!

• Show necessity — from parking lot to show ring

• Warranteed



Available trolley accessories :

Clamp for Grooming Arm
Feed/Water Bowls
Grooming Arm & Clamp
Grooming Arm Caddy
Grooming Loop 18"
Trolley Auto Rack
Trolley Fan
Trolley Handle Grips
Trolley Skirts

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The Best in Show Trolley warranty covers manufacturing defects that occur during normal use. Any breakage caused by accidental damage, as a result of misuse or abuse, folding incorrectly, damaged caused by weather or any damage caused by the activity of the animals inside such as biting, scratching, or chewing, is not covered.

Best In Show Trolleys are proudly made in Reidsville, NC.

Western Canada Distributor

Best In Show Canada is operated by Deborah Dahl, of Victoria, BC. Deborah has been active in the show ring for 13 years. The struggle with crates and pull carts and grooming tables ‎adds an extra level of stress that anyone handling a dog, or several dogs, can relate to. After being introduced to these amazing trolleys and the ease of transporting from auto to ringside, Deborah was determined to make it easier for all Canadian to have one of their own. Although these trolleys are new to Canada, they are not new to other parts of the world. Deborah is proud to be the Western Canada Distributor for Best In Show trolleys.


From hand grips to skirts

Show Trolleys
7 different sizes, styles

Our Warranty

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A good selection of accessories available to personalize your Best In Show Canada trolley.

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Dog Show Trolleys are an indispensable part of dog show equipment to exhibitors worldwide. You spend hours preparing coated breeds for the show ring, and show trolleys protect the dogs and your work, plus offer security from parking lot to ringside. The trolley is a mobile, lightweight combination grooming table and security cage, with the added advantage of folding to less than six inches in width. The manufacturers of Best In Show Canada collapsible tubular aluminum show trolleys have supplied trolleys to exhibitors worldwide for over 35 years.

Now available to buy in Canada!

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Show Trolleys For Your Award-winning Dogs

4-Berth Trolley

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Show Trolleys For Your Award-winning Dogs

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