Accessories for your Best In Show Canada Trolleys

Trolley Handle Grips

$14 / set of 2

Trolley handle grips are made of a soft Kraton Rubber material and are designed in an
ergonomic shape. The grips allow the trolley to be pushed with ease without undue
pressure on the hands. Set of 2. ​Replacement instructions included.

Trolley Fan


The Metro Trolley Cooling Fan keeps pets cool in hot, muggy weather. This deluxe, portable, high
performance fan protects pets from uncomfortable, dangerous hot weather, keeping them cool and
relaxed. Operating on two "D" batteries (included), it provides up to 100 hours of running time, with
two speeds for maximum efficiency and powerful air circulation. Designed to be ultra quiet, the
cooling fan will not frighten pets. It easily clips onto the fan bar located on the front of the trolley.
Due to the size of the trolley, fan bars are not included on the Mini Double Decker Trolley.
Only available in BLUE.

​Clamp for Grooming Arm


The grooming arm fits into this clamp, specifically designed to fit the Best In Show
Canada trolleys. The clamp is powder coated Black Hammered, fits snuggly around
two vertical bars, and is secured on the inside with a clamp plate and flat female knob.
It will accept any 3/4" square grooming arm. ​This is for the Clamp ONLY.

Grooming Arm, Clamp, and Loop


The Best in Show Canada Grooming Arm is a 3/4" high, quality stainless steel arm complete
with a grooming noose and attachment ring for a clothes hanger. The grooming arm fits
into a clamp that is specifically designed to fit the Best in Show Canada trolleys. The
clamp is powder coated Black Hammered and fits snuggly around two vertical bars and is
secured on the inside with a clamp plate and flat female knob. The grooming arm is
adjustable up and ​down and can extend to 36" in height.


Price: $125
The Best in Show Grooming Arm is a 3/4" square high quality
stainless steel arm. Features an attachment for jacket, dress,
​etc. Does NOT include noose or clamp.

Grooming Arm Caddy


The Grooming Caddy is safe and convenient for holding your grooming tools. Made of
sturdy, injection-moulded plastic with an aluminum blade cooling tray, it features
individual openings for up to 7 scissors, additional openings for combs, brushes, hooks
for hanging electric clippers, nooses, leashes, etc., and a larger tray/shelf combination
for spray bottles, miscellaneous odds and ends, and clipper blades. The raised design
keeps items away from the trolley grooming top. The grooming caddy mounts to the
grooming arm post, is supported by the trolley grooming arm clamp, and allows for
unimpeded up and down movement of the grooming arm post. The grooming caddy,
along with the grooming arm, must be removed from the Best In Show Canada trolley
prior to folding the trolley. The grooming arm clamp is designed to stay on the trolley
in the folded and in ​the open positions.

Grooming Loop 18"


​Purple grooming loop with multi-coloured paws is completely adjustable to hold

pets securely. Made with safe and durable hardware. Available in 3/8" wide for
smaller breeds or 5/8" wide for medium to large breeds. Grooming ​loop is
included ​with the purchase of Grooming Arm and Clamp set.

Feed / Water Bowls
10 oz $10    20 oz $13
Stainless steel. Wire holders, "hook-on" style.

Trolley Auto Rack


For vehicle use, the trolley rack is made of black anodized aluminum and requires a
quick assembly to attach the legs and back. The folded trolley slides under the rack,
allowing crates to be positioned on the rack shelf. This reduces or eliminates the
need to reposition crates, trolley and dogs before and after trolley use. Photo is of
Trolley Rack inside a Ford Exposition. 42" wide x 29" deep x 17" high.

Chair Hooks for Trolley
Price: $15
The Trolley Hooks install in seconds, can be used horizontally or vertically and
swivel 360 degrees. The straps are fully adjustable and can be used on any
side of a Best in Show trolley. Attention required before folding grooming top
lid backwards and/or when folding the trolley. Perfect to hang your folding
​chair from parking lot to ringside.
• Install in seconds
• Can be used horizontally or vertically
• Fully adjustable straps
• Swivel 360 degrees

Cup / Drink Holder

Price: $15

Trolley Cup/Drink Holder. Keep drinks, cell phones and keys within easy reach. The Best
in Show Cup/Drink Holder attaches to trolley handle and features an insulated cup/drink
holder and two exterior mesh pockets for your personal items such as cell phones, keys,
sunglasses, etc.

• Insulated Cup/Drink Holder for Best in Show Trolley holds bottles, cups or cans
• 2 exterior mesh pockets provide storage space for personal items
• Attaches to either trolley handle with adjustable Velcro strap
• Soft design allows Cup/Drink Holder Attachment to be folded together with the
​   trolley without breaking.

Snap-On Bowl

Price: $8

Snap-On Chew Resistant 8oz. Feed Bowl. Easy to clean. Snaps snugly to feed bowl bar
on trolley door. Available in Red, Blue, Purple & Black.

Trolley Premium Grooming Mat

Price: $65 - $85 (based on trolley size)
Don't skimp on the quality of your trolley grooming mat. The Best in Show Premium
Grooming Mat is available in 13 colors and is fitted for each trolley model. The
textured surface promotes better footing, while the soft vinyl, closed cell material
​is lead free and latex free. Mat has non-roll elastic straps that hold securely to trolley
lid. The Premium Grooming Mat is reversible. The Premium Grooming Mat is `
available for the X-Long and/or X-Wide 2/4 Berth Trolley in BLACK only.

• Available in 13 colors
• Thickness means extra comfort
• High quality closed-cell, soft vinyl enhances durability
• Lead-free and latex-free
• Slip-free surface is textured for solid footing

Trolley Organizer

Price: $120
A much requested accessory is now available! The organizer snaps on the Best in Show
trolley end opposite the handles. The organizer features six open pockets for quick
and visible access to your grooming tools and one pocket which snaps closed for safety.
The organizer is designed to fit all Best in Show trolleys. It features a convenient back
pocket for storage of the mid-floor for the Double Decker trolley and the Mini Double
Decker trolley. It is made of the same Sunbrella material as the Best in Show trolley
skirts and is available in all Sunbrella colors listed. See below "Trolley Skirts" for colour

Trolley Pack

Price: $38
Storage for bottles, cups, bait, keys, phone, etc. 
2 Cup Holders, 2 Zippered Pockets, 2 Clips for leads
Fits securely between Trolley handles. 
Net weight: 6 oz.
Colours: Black, Pink, Royal Blue, Purple

Trolley Skirts

$125 - $310 (based on size)

The trolley skirt is designed for each model of the Best in Show Canada trolleys, and 
covers 3 sides of a trolley. The front, or door side, of the trolley is left open for easy
access and to ensure that an air flow is always available. The skirt is secured with 
snaps around the top and down the sides. Back corners are mesh to provide ventilation.

The trolley skirts are constructed of all-weather Sunbrella Fabric — for more than
45 years, Sunbrella has been the renowned leader in performance fabrics and
crafted all-weather fabrics for cushions, throw pillows, and umbrella canopies for
patio, pool furniture, outdoor use and now for Best in Show Canada trolleys.
Available in luxurious textures and rich jacquard patterns, Sunbrella fabrics add a
touch of colour and comfort to your Best in Show Canada trolley.

The Sunbrella fabric provides up to 98% Ultimate UV Protection from harmful effects
of the sun. A proven sun-block leader, Sunbrella fabric has received the "Seal of Recommendation" by The Skin Cancer Foundation — an international organization dedicated to the prevention of skin cancer for people and pets. The protective nature of Sunbrella fabric is an innate product feature, and will not be reduced by usage and/or fabric exposure to the sun.

The Sunbrella fabric has continuously vibrant colours. Competitors simply dye the surface of the yarns, which only penetrates the outer shell of the material, resulting in fading with time and washings. Sunbrella's superior UV-resistant colour pigments are added during production, creating incredible, non-fading colour that withstands intense sunlight, heat exposure, and numerous cleanings. You can count on worry-free, stain- and fade-resistant Sunbrella fabric to keep its good looks season after season, regardless of harsh weather. There's no need to sacrifice comfort for
​Sunbrella's fabrics are as soft and inviting as they are durable. Woven of high-performance fibres, they'll retain the softness of spun cotton for years.

Colours: Aruba, Black, Cadet Grey, Camo, Charcoal Tweed, Dubonnet Tweed, Forest Green, Hemlock Tweed, Hot Pink Main Street, Hyacinth, Jockey Red, Logo Red, Nutmeg, Rose, Royal Blue Tweed, Pacific Blue, Purple, Seagrass Green, Silica Stone, Teal, Tresco Ginger, Turquoise.

Blush, Burgundy, Cedar N/A, Chocolate, Orange, Dark Pink, Red, Green, Forest Green, Teal, Sky Blue, Turquoise, Blue, Lavender, Purple, Black, Grey

Crate Airline Kit    $115

Show Trolleys For Your Award-winning Dogs

Tack Boxes

1 Drawer 16" x 11" x 16"h 15lbs   $560

2 Drawers                                  $600

3 Drawers                                  $660

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